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There are songs which remind you of very specific situations. Which tell a story or represent something like a personal milestone.


Here you will find a few chosen recordings – rather DJ mixes than own productions – which represent something like that for me in my so far quite short and unobtrusive musical journey as a musician. Own productions are availabe on my Bandcamp page, for my latest gigs you might check my Resident Advisor page.


© Vincent Riese 2017


TDHS0617: Middle of nowhere


The last Desperate Housemen Session was almost one and a half months ago now so I really had to deliver new stuff.

I just dug out a lot of records that I've never recorded before and so I also used many that are totally new in my collection, too. The mix is ​​actually made of music, which was very inspiring to me at that time.

Recorded: 2017 / 06 / 21

Duration:  145 Minutes


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    Prince of Denmark – Ambient 004

    S. Moreira – That was just a dream (Indi Zone remix)

    Herr Koreander – Klauds

    Art Alfie – Aah hej då rå

    Octo Octa – Dresses

    DJ Sotofett – Øl på ibiza

    SW. – Extended mix 33

    Linkwood – System

    Frank & Tony feat. DJ Sprinkles – Companion

    Pavel Milyakov  – Silent elektro

    Efdemin – America

    Unbalance – Freedom

    Post Scriptum – Donbelief

    Kornél Kovács – Szív utca

    Levon Vincent – Novel Sound 12 (A2)

    Iron Curtis – Maple

    D-IX – Hugo

    Christopher Rau – Broke

    Taron Trekka – Segelboot

    Half Hawaii – Bring back the love

    Road Hog – East overlook

    Joris Voorn – Deep side of the moog

    Youandewan – Something keeps me real quiet

    Roy of the Ravers – Emotinium

    Peverelist  – Slice of Life

    Steffi – Everyday objects

    Nikola Gala – Only (Ryan Elliott remix)

    Etapp Kyle – Aurora

    Developer – In pure form 18

    Chris Mitchell – Drum trax

    Benjamin Milz – Electric current

    Andras – Hard working man

    Dennis Ferrer feat. Tyrone Ellis – Underground is my home

    Matthias Tanzmann – Tamarind

    Kettenkarussell – Walk with me

    Rhythm & sound – Never tell you

    Willow – Workshop 23 (B2)

    Minilogue  – Seconds (Colour & sound)

    Lawrence  – Ava

    Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock – The world tonight

    Prince of Denmark – Planet uterus

    Mono Junk – Channel b

    Private Press – Untitled I

    Emmanuel – Come closer

    DVS1 – Black russian

    Zenker Brothers – Cornel 21

    Wax – 10001 (B side)

    DJ Sports – Ascension

    Omar-S – Over you too

    Smallpeople – Black ice

    D5 – Sides of space

    Gilb'R & Bradock – Versatile

    Dreamcast & Sasac – Liquid deep

Recorded: 2017 / 04 / 22

Duration: 115 Minutes

TDHS0417: Deep into the bowel of house


This is my very first mixtape, recorded in Darmstad in our new, lovely refurbished flat. Somehow smooth, laidback and mostly housy sound, digging in the crates on a cloudy afternoon in addition to some fresh coffee and in presence of our three fluffy cats. Obviously a very placid atmosphere.


The name of the mixtape pays hommage to DJ Sprinkles' classic house track "Grand Central Pt. I (Deep into the bowel of house)". I thought the title would fit because the mix includes very smooth housetracks and also because bowel literally means "Darm" in German. It's somehow a funny amphibology.


This little wordplay inspired me to paint an abstract picture of a bowel for the cover layout.

Recorded: 2016 / 08 / 14

Duration: 310 Minutes


TDHS0816: Homelistening


That special sunday where you just start digging in the crates at your flat with some friends and have some nice coffee and beer, maybe later a bottle of vine and some glasses of a tasty whiskey. And you end up recording a weird five hour session with some of your favourite records, discovering some new Hardwax deliveries and watching the sun set while getting more und more drunk, having infinite fun and being hypnotized by the sound. Couldn't have spent this sunday any better.

We had a few problems while recording the session but I hope you enjoy anyway.

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