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There are songs which remind you of very specific situations. Which tell a story or represent something like a personal milestone.


Here you will find a few chosen recordings – rather DJ mixes than own productions – which represent something like that for me in my so far quite short and unobtrusive musical journey as a musician. Own productions are availabe on my Bandcamp page, for my latest gigs you might check my Resident Advisor page.


© Vincent Riese 2017

Debut release: The Journey


I've been experimenting in music production and trying to find my own sound for such a long time but I never felt like something was really done or good enough to present it to an audience. Meanwhile, I believe that not everything has to be perfect and maybe not even finished. Sometimes the process is the most interesting thing and not the result.


So this is my debut release and very first public try to find an identity as a producer,

the first step of a musical journey into the unknown.

Released:  2017 / 10 / 04

Recorded: 2017 / 10 / 14

Duration: 117 Minutes

Catching noises


Long story short: A special mixtape with tracks that I've been listening to a lot at that time or tracks that had a special impact, a certain influence on me back then.


    Click here to see the playlist.


    Glyn – Paradise

    Frank & Tony – Odes

    Château Flight – Rituel

    DJ Central & Erika Casier – Drive (First mix)

    Dauwd – Macadam therapy

    Tokyo Black Star – Game over (Loco Dice 5am at the Tsukiji Market remix)

    Golden Donna – Palisade

    Prince Of Denmark – Squidcall

    Vincent Riese – At peace

    Micronism – Engaging causeless mercy

    Chez Damier – Teach me, keep me

    Maayan Nidam – Trail of glitter

    FP-Oner – The law of correspondance

    Kerri Chandler – Two

    Saile – Richard double G in NYC

    Jay Daniel – Paradise valley

    Vincent Riese – Under pressure

    Baaz – Two (for you)

    Mosey – Tuff times

    Prince of Denmark – Neoclassicdub

    Galcher Lustwerk – Red rose

    Fudge Fingas – Secret value

    Cobblestone Jazz – Chance dub

    L'Amour Fou – Sunday haze

    Jacy – Trax

    Pearson Sound – Heal me

    Lord Of The Isles – Offline


TDHS0617: Middle of nowhere


The last Desperate Housemen Session was almost one and a half months ago now so I really had to deliver new stuff.

I just dug out a lot of records that I've never recorded before and so I also used many that are totally new in my collection, too. The mix is ​​actually made of music, which was very inspiring to me at that time.

Recorded: 2017 / 06 / 21

Duration:  145 Minutes


    Click here to see the playlist.


    Prince of Denmark – Ambient 004

    S. Moreira – That was just a dream (Indi Zone remix)

    Herr Koreander – Klauds

    Art Alfie – Aah hej då rå

    Octo Octa – Dresses

    DJ Sotofett – Øl på ibiza

    SW. – Extended mix 33

    Linkwood – System

    Frank & Tony feat. DJ Sprinkles – Companion

    Pavel Milyakov  – Silent elektro

    Efdemin – America

    Unbalance – Freedom

    Post Scriptum – Donbelief

    Kornél Kovács – Szív utca

    Levon Vincent – Novel Sound 12 (A2)

    Iron Curtis – Maple

    D-IX – Hugo

    Christopher Rau – Broke

    Taron Trekka – Segelboot

    Half Hawaii – Bring back the love

    Road Hog – East overlook

    Joris Voorn – Deep side of the moog

    Youandewan – Something keeps me real quiet

    Roy of the Ravers – Emotinium

    Peverelist  – Slice of Life

    Steffi – Everyday objects

    Nikola Gala – Only (Ryan Elliott remix)

    Etapp Kyle – Aurora

    Developer – In pure form 18

    Chris Mitchell – Drum trax

    Benjamin Milz – Electric current

    Andras – Hard working man

    Dennis Ferrer feat. Tyrone Ellis – Underground is my home

    Matthias Tanzmann – Tamarind

    Kettenkarussell – Walk with me

    Rhythm & sound – Never tell you

    Willow – Workshop 23 (B2)

    Minilogue  – Seconds (Colour & sound)

    Lawrence  – Ava

    Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock – The world tonight

    Prince of Denmark – Planet uterus

    Mono Junk – Channel b

    Private Press – Untitled I

    Emmanuel – Come closer

    DVS1 – Black russian

    Zenker Brothers – Cornel 21

    Wax – 10001 (B side)

    DJ Sports – Ascension

    Omar-S – Over you too

    Smallpeople – Black ice

    D5 – Sides of space

    Gilb'R & Bradock – Versatile

    Dreamcast & Sasac – Liquid deep

Recorded: 2017 / 04 / 22

Duration: 115 Minutes

TDHS0417: Deep into the bowel of house


This is my very first mixtape, recorded in Darmstad in our new, lovely refurbished flat. Somehow smooth, laidback and mostly housy sound, digging in the crates on a cloudy afternoon in addition to some fresh coffee and in presence of our three fluffy cats. Obviously a very placid atmosphere.


The name of the mixtape pays hommage to DJ Sprinkles' classic house track "Grand Central Pt. I (Deep into the bowel of house)". I thought the title would fit because the mix includes very smooth housetracks and also because bowel literally means "Darm" in German. It's somehow a funny amphibology.


This little wordplay inspired me to paint an abstract picture of a bowel for the cover layout.


    Click here to see the playlist.


    Studio OST – Unnatural city

    DJ Sotofett – Øl på klubb

    Round Two – New Day (Club vocal mix)

    Basic Bastard & Blake Baxter – Love break

    Makybee Diva – Untitled

    Sven Weisemann – Motion capture

    Art Alfie – Klubbensborg

    C-Rau – Sheeos unn note

    Omar-S feat. Divinity – On your way

    Linkwood – Expressions

    Aerea Negrot – All I wanna do (Efdemin remix)

    Lapien – In the dark

    Joey Anderson – The vase

    Louis Haiman – Dreaming of electric patterns (Repatterned by Sanderson Dear)

    Ramirez – Hablano (Radio Slave's panorama garage remix)

    Aril Brikha – Aqua

    Marcel Dettmann & Levon Vincent – Can you see

    FP-Oner – Awakening co creator

    Traumprinz – I gave my life

    Roman Flügel – Work & TV

    Telephones – DTMF (Call Super remix)

Recorded: 2016 / 08 / 14

Duration: 310 Minutes


TDHS0816: Homelistening


That special sunday where you just start digging in the crates at your flat with some friends and have some nice coffee and beer, maybe later a bottle of vine and some glasses of a tasty whiskey. And you end up recording a weird five hour session with some of your favourite records, discovering some new Hardwax deliveries and watching the sun set while getting more und more drunk, having infinite fun and being hypnotized by the sound. Couldn't have spent this sunday any better.

We had a few problems while recording the session but I hope you enjoy anyway.


    Click here to see the list of records that I've picked that day.


    Floating Points – Elaenia

    Sean Palm – Where is my dongle?

    Terre Thaemlitz – Class (Loco Dice remix)

    Melchior Productions Ltd.  – Prepare for love

    Studio OST – Bent light

    Pigon – Promises

    Edward – Ours

    FP-Oner – Reap love

    Lawrence – Illuminated

    Pépé Bradock – Path of most resistance

    Berg – Montag

    Levon Vincent – Rainstorm II

    Galcher Lustwerk – I neva seen

    Steffi – November

    Joris Voorn – May the days be aimless

    Son.Sine – Upekah

    D5 – Lab work

    Freund der Familie – Colombia (Gasometric Run's stripped mix)

    Daniel Jacques – End of my world

    Smallpeople – Black ice

    Second-Hand Satellites – Orbit 1.3

    Roman Flügel – 9 years (DJ Koze remix)

    Mount Liberation Unlimited – Clinton space funk

    Mixmasters – In the mix

    Soundstream – Makin’ love

    Precious System – The voice from planet love

    Omar-S – Head chew single

    Christopher Rau – Swag lude

    Liem – If Only

    DJ Sprinkles + Mark Fell – Insights

    Gay Marvin – Anxiety into ecstasy

    Mr. G – Precious cargo (G’s out dub)

    Jacque Renault – Don’t need to know

    Moodymann – Desire

    Moomin – Watermelon

    PLO Man – Rare plastic

    Christopher Rau – The needs

    Session Victim – Stick together

    Julian Jonah – Jealousy and lies

    Lawrence – Glow

    Porn Sword Tobacco – Enkel disko for hand

    Generation Next – And you too

    Baaz – Your wardrobe

    Pito feat. Leonie Müller – Where my soul is now (Minilogue's guqin mix)

    Efdemin – Nighttrrain

    Terekke – Bank3

    Kassem Mosse – Workshop 08 (A1)

    Carsten Jost – Swan

    Recondite – Nifty

    Tolga Fidan – Seve

    STL – Silent state

    Oskar Offermann – Understandable

    Ekkohaus – Keep your eyes on me

    Kai Alcé – Take a chance (Larry Heard dub remix)

    Matthias Tanzmann – Chano (Second mix)

    Mr. Mister – Broken wings (Traumprinz rework)

    Martin Zadak – Zahara

    Linkwood – Love lost

    Bell Towers feat. Miss Midday – Midday theme

    Virginia – Subdued colors

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