Winter is here


It's cold and wet outside and the first winter term in communication design is over and I got a first feel for the study program and university life. A lot has happened so I'll just try to briefly sum up the past months.


At the end of the semester the final results of our long-term works were documented and presented.


In typography we designed a booklet that actually contained everything we had been discussing for the last 4 months. — Roughly speaking: the history and anatomy of scripture, as well as their 'correct' application. The interesting thing at that point was how to slowly develop a sense for 'proper' layouts and gain a certain feeling for the subtleties.


2018 / 03 / 18

I named my copy 'Typeface' and it actually was a mix of thematically fitting illustrations I made — I also applied at the university with these kind of sketches — as well as some photos of publicly used writing and the use of classic sans serif type, Akzidenz Grotesk.



In addition to the color analysis in 2- and 3-dimensional design, we had to document a randomly chosen place, to examine it and to go further and further into detail to get an understanding of the form and composition.

Initially, you did not really know what it was all about so first holistic sketches were made.

Then it went into detail, you examined the shapes, size ratios and so on.

This company building was planned from top to bottom, in its color, its shape, its texture. I could have explored a much more natural place just as well.

A location that is not subject to any concept but is completely free from design on purpose. Perhaps the final result would have been much more exciting or insightful, more educational. But it became this man-made place whose design and constellation was subject to clear ideas and purposes.

Shaped by clear forms, dark colors, straight-line symmetry and a roundish sculpture in a shallow pool in the middle of the courtyard of the building which offered a certain formal break to all these corners and edges.

Further, we reduced this study to the basic forms or elementary particles that characterized this site. This resulted in forms, which we finally implemented in prescribed compositional methods. The picture below shows just one of many handcrafted DIN A0 sheets that, for example, recomposes the reduced parts of the sculpture.

The certain discussion with this architecture brought you in a way closer to understanding this kind of design.




In the drawing lessons then we started with basic things. We experimented with line thickness, compaction, blindly drawing objects and formations and creating a main focus or center in the drawings. We drew many complex shapes of branches and leaves. First only blind, then as detailed as possible. In the same way, we dealt with softer, rounder, more organic objects, such as towels, blankets or jackets. That was unbelievably boring sometimes…

Next semester we’ll probably go more into detail on perspective drawing, which is more interesting for me, I guess.

Of course we should also fill a sketchbook. I didn’t care very well and just sketched kind of thematically inappropriate, freer things.

For example, this Oneliner.

To draw on an easel on a DIN A1 or A0 sheet was a special experience for me. To orientate oneself with the format and to grasp the proportions correctly was particularly hard for me since I usually draw on a maximum of DIN A3, but mostly even on my 9.7 inch iPad Pro or on my 13 inch MacBook, rarely maybe even on my old 21 inch iMac. But there is no comparison.



In photography we also started with basics of theory and the technical structure of (D)SLRs. Our projects included photo series in twilight and inner space, as well as a still life or a white-in-white photography, i. e. a white object in front of a white background that is visible only through the right exposure.



This course somehow brought my enthusiasm for more professional photography back. I created a new page for photography which you can find in the Look section, right under the page for typo and illustration, where you can see a few exemplary works of mine. Of course you will always find new stuff on my Instagram, occasionally also on Behance and Dribbble.


At the end of the semester we also had two block courses in which we dealt with analog film development and risograph printing among others. They also gave us an understanding of professional image editing and retouching, manipulation and the final print or digital release preparation in Capture One and Photoshop. I edited a lot of my latest photos in Capture instead of Adobe's Lightroom, by the way.



Because of my intense studies it was really hard for me to find some time and a free mind to create some own music again. Although I was able to DJ twice at some design parties it took me months to record a new set, but I finally made it. There are still a few tracks on my hard drive that really need to be finished and I’m really looking forward to running Ableton's new Live 10.


I actually recorded the mixtape as a podcast for a collective from Darmstadt.

I don’t know, honestly, if and when it will be released through their own channels. But for me personally, it's an adequate summary of my current favorite dance music releases. This once again includes a few of my absolute classic favorites, such as the 'Asper clouds' LP by Christopher Rau, Larry Heard's 'The sun can't compare', STL's 'Silent state' or 'Red souvenirs' by Baaz. But also the new Workshop LP or Giegling EP, Skee Masks latest Illian Tape release or Road Hogs final album have found a place here.

Baaz – Red souvenirs

Christopher Rau – Asper clouds

STL – Silent state

Efdemin – Decay versions Pt. 1

For me, the recording is with one and a half hours even quite short. I recorded it pretty early in the morning.

During the time I compiled the playlist, the moon was always incredibly big at night, which was really fascinating. So I decided to use a self-shot moon photo for the cover and turned that into a color grid via Photoshop.





Efdemin – Some kind of up and down yes (Asusu remix)

Louf – Quits

Oskar Offermann – Understandable

Fantastic Man – Rhythm algorithm

Levon Vincent – Only good things

Larry Heard pres. Mr. White – The sun can't compare

Road Hog – AC

Ozel Ab – Positronic dreams

Baaz – What if

Vincent – How I feel

Mr. G – Blessed

Frank & Tony – Odes

Tom VR – You (Or someone like you)

Christopher Rau – The needs

Arthur Miles – OOT jam

STL – Silent state

Aerea Negrot – All I wanna do (Efdemin remix)

Skee Mask – Inti

Forest Drive West – Static

Joris Voorn – Many reasons

Etapp Kyle – Drama

Ben Klock – Underneath

Leafar Legov – Force majeure



Apart from what my record collection offers and what I put into my mixtapes, there’s of course again a lot of other music that I currently like to hear.


It’s difficult to list 'the' ten best tracks of the last few weeks and months or the ones I've heard the most here. It’s not really that kind of a chart. This might rather be some kind of recommendation. In most cases even the entire album is absolutely worth listening to. You’ll find the three most interesting longplayers for me — considered as a synthesis of the arts each — further below.

The playlist is available on Apple Music, simply click the logo.


HELMUT – Same same

Rhye – Blood knows

A.A.L (Against All Logic) – Such a bad way

Ross from Friends – Romeo, Romeo

Santiago Salazar – Sucio beat

DJ Taye feat. DJ Manny – Burnin ya boa

WK7 – The healer

Roy Davis Jr. feat. Peven Everett – Gabriel (Live Garage Version)

Terekke – Need

Evidence feat. Styles P, Rapsody & Khrysis – Love is a funny thing






Last but not least, here are three longplayers that I'd like to recommend warmly to you:


Nils Frahm

All Melody

Erased Tapes Records


Kindly produced new album of Berlin-based contemporary composer and pianist Nils Frahm.


Tom VR


All My Thoughts


Sweet, housy album. I recently discovered the London based label by chance. U-I’s selftitled LP (super smooth downbeats)  and Hobie’s 'Espresso Depresso' EP (jazzy house) are also worth a listen



The Halo Effect

Free All Mind$


Young producer from Brooklyn, very nice mix of modern hip hop styles and some oldschool influenced tracks.




So that's it. I'll be back soon. Cheers.