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© Vincent Riese 2017

Catching noises: Extended


In the past three months a lot has happened and above all it felt like I’ve been working on my debut EP day and night for weeks.


It was important to me to complete this project before the semester starts. I’m pretty sure the EP might not be perfect. Yet it is — at least for me — an interesting piece of music and a very significant step in my musical development.


I've been experimenting in music production and trying to find my own sound for such a long time but I never felt like something was really done or good enough to present it to an audience. Meanwhile, I believe that not everything has to be perfect and maybe not even finished. Sometimes the process is the most interesting thing and not the result.


So this is my debut release and very first public try to find an identity as a producer, the first step of a musical journey into the unknown.




My girlfriend is also currently working on a very time-consuming project. She’s redesigning her website and I’m happy that I may illustrate a few things for her.

You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter for updates or just visit her website  sometime. You may also get some updates regarding this topic via my own Instagram account.



But let’s get to the actual topic besides these special announces above: Under the Catching noises series I always put together some tracks in a playlist, which influenced me in a certain period of time or had a special meaning for me in those days. — Anyway it is rather a collection of musical advices with a personal comment than just classic reviews.


To this occasion I have now added a special TDHS mix here:




Glyn – Paradise

Frank & Tony – Odes

Château Flight – Rituel

DJ Central & Erika Casier – Drive (First mix)

Dauwd – Macadam therapy

Tokyo Black Star – Game over (Loco Dice 5am at the Tsukiji Market remix)

Golden Donna – Palisade

Prince Of Denmark – Squidcall

Vincent Riese – At peace

Micronism – Engaging causeless mercy

Chez Damier – Teach me, keep me

Maayan Nidam – Trail of glitter

FP-Oner – The law of correspondance

Kerri Chandler – Two

Saile – Richard double G in NYC

Jay Daniel – Paradise valley

Vincent Riese – Under pressure

Baaz – Two (for you)

Mosey – Tuff times

Prince of Denmark – Neoclassicdub

Galcher Lustwerk – Red rose

Fudge Fingas – Secret value

Cobblestone Jazz – Chance dub

L'Amour Fou – Sunday haze

Jacy – Trax

Pearson Sound – Heal me

Lord Of The Isles – Offline



The mix mainly focuses on house records whereas the playlist below contains various genres. You can stream the whole directly on Apple Music, just click the logo down here.


Linkwood Family – Miles Away

SOHN – Primary

Lord Huron – Love Like Ghosts

Frank Ocean – Provider

Orson Wells – Hemisphere Pt. 2

Steffi – The Meaning of Memory

Pessimist – Glued (feat. Loop Faction)

Chromatics – Running From the Sun

Shed – Call 32075!

Vincent – How I Feel






Last but not least I would like to recommend three of my favourite albums at the moment (in no particular order):


S. Fidelity

A Safe Place to Be Naked

Jakarta Records


Really smooth sampled Hip Hop, also featuring Bluestaeb and Juju Rogers.



Laurence Guy

Saw You for the First Time



Very kind produced house music.



Lord Of The Isles

Parabolas Of Neon

Firecracker Recordings


Warm ambient atmospheres on a great label.




This should be enough music for the next few weeks. Enjoy.


2017 / 10 / 14