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Lapien – Something To  Tell You

The Desperate Housemen Sessions: Deep into the bowel of house


It 's been nearly three years now since I released the last issue of The Desperate Housemen Sessions — a series of musical happenings that eather take place at home, at a friend's place or at a special venue but always recorded live and sometimes broadcasted online.


It's a special for me because it's the very first mixtape I recorded in Darmstadt in our new, lovely refurbished flat. The mix is somehow smooth, laidback and I mostly play some housy stuff. The atmosphere was very placid, digging in the crates on a cloudy afternoon in addition to some fresh coffee and in presence of our three fluffy cats.


The name of the mixtape pays hommage to DJ Sprinkles' classic house track "Grand Central Pt. I (Deep into the bowel of house)". I thought the title would fit because the mix includes very smooth housetracks and also because bowel literally means "Darm" in German. It's somehow a funny amphibology.


This little wordplay inspired me to paint an abstract picture of a bowel for the cover layout.



2017 / 05 / 17

Studio OST – Scenes (2012–2015)

The first track Unnatural city by Studio OST aka Glacher Lustwerk and Alvin Aronson is from their debut LP Scenes (2012–2015) which is definitely one of my favourite records of the last two years. All tracks are incredibly smooth and trippy.

The second track is the A-side from DJ Sotofett's new EP on the swedish Börft Records imprint with its amazing flangered percussions.

Linkwood – Expressions

Next up are two house classics from the 90's. First one is the Club vocal mix of New day by Round Two, which I actually heard the first time as dub version in an old mix by Cassy or so. The other one is the epic Love Break from Orlando Voorn as Basic Bastard featuring Blake Baxter. Both have these infectious, very harmonic vocals.


As always I included stuff from my favourite label, Smallville Records, and something new from one of my favourite producers, Christopher Rau — here under his C-Rau moniker on Oliver Hafenbauer's quite young Die Orakel label. And of course I've put one track from Linkwood's latest LP Expressions into the mix, this time it is not Love lost as usual but the title track Expressions itself, which is a little bit faster.

When you're looking for sound to continue this speedy atmosphere, Hush's sublabel, Mistress, run by american DVS1, is the perfect source for secret weapons. Lapien just released two EPs there which are throughout ingenious. In the dark is just a foretaste of what both EPs have to offer in total.

I really like these very repititive tracks that become more and more hypnotic and energetic by just repeating somehow the same little part, only slowly changing some effects or adding very small and simple parts somewhere. Efdemin or Radio Slave are masters on that special field and so is Joey Anderson.


His The Vase EP on Avenue 66 was definitly one of my big favourites from last year. The A-side is great with If one cares, they act different but in my opinion the real special was The Vase on side B. It has this very dreamy synth-play that makes it so timeless for me. This one is followed by another track of this kind, Dreaming of electric patterns by Louis Haman.

Joey Anderson – The Vase

When I'm talking about dreamy sound there are a few other names that  I barely can miss out. One of the most interesting names in this topic right now is Traumprinz from the incredible Giegling collective. His All the things EP is a masterpiece, I had to play it.

Also Frankfurt's Roman Flügel has a lot of spacy sound to offer. He lately released a new five-tracker on Phonica Records, called Black Acid. His productions are very often really specific and experimental but I think that's actually what makes him so interesting and unique as a producer.


Besides all this dreamy stuff there also had to be some tracks that have this prosperous spirit, that makes you feel happy so I found  Art Alfie's first solo-LP and Omar-S' second LP in my record collection, that seemed to be very appropriate for this purpose as well as I thought it would need at least one track with a little heavier beat that sounds more like techno but still fits into the housy context of the rest so DJ Kicks release Can you see from Marcel Dettmann and Levon Vincent helped me out there.


Unfortunately I had to play some tracks digitally because I only have one turntable but two CDJs at home. However I think that doesn't matter that much.


So all in all  the mix is a good embrace of my record collection and my current musical taste (in the electronic music sector).

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed mixing. The next episode of The Desperate Housemen Sessions will definitly come and I'm pretty sure that it won't take as long as it did this time!

Full tracklisting:


Studio OST – Unnatural city

DJ Sotofett – Øl på klubb

Round Two – New Day (Club vocal mix)

Basic Bastard & Blake Baxter – Love break

Makybee Diva – Untitled

Sven Weisemann – Motion capture

Art Alfie – Klubbensborg

C-Rau – Sheeos unn note

Omar-S feat. Divinity – On your way

Linkwood – Expressions

Aerea Negrot – All I wanna do (Efdemin remix)

Lapien – In the dark

Joey Anderson – The vase

Louis Haiman – Dreaming of electric patterns (Repatterned by Sanderson Dear)

Ramirez – Hablano (Radio Slave's panorama garage remix)

Aril Brikha – Aqua

Marcel Dettmann & Levon Vincent – Can you see

FP-Oner – Awakening co creator

Traumprinz – I gave my life

Roman Flügel – Work & TV

Telephones – DTMF (Call Super remix)