Impressions: New comfort zone


As I mentioned in my first blog entry before, we moved in February. Away from Bavaria's beloved Munich, we are now somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Hesse — They call it Ober-Ramstadt.


We live in a tiny two-party house on the first floor, the location is quiet with perfect connections to the centers of Darmstadt and Frankfurt.

There’s everything you need in walking distance and you are surrounded by many fields, hills and several detached houses. Actually really beautiful.


Our flat is very bright, has everything you need and provides enough space for two people and three cats. A private garden is also right outside the door.

Here are some impressions of our refurbished apartment.


2017 / 05 / 07

The music altar.

This is our pizza-making-machine.

Good sound in the shower is essential.

Workspace no. 2 featuring an awesome Eames chair, my beloved Thonet desk and a few musical toys.

No one spends more time in our bed than this grumpy little guy.

It's not a secret that I love my Adidas Boost pairs. Need more.

Best place to read, listen to music or just relax. And fall asleep.

Center of the kitchen and most important station to start the day right.

The coffee machine.

Our usual workspace – the kitchen table. Always surrounded by at least one cat.

The time on the toillete must be spent well. The right lecture is just indispensable.

Sleeping station.