2017 / 06 / 27

TDHS: Middle of nowhere


The last Desperate Housemen Session is almost one and a half months ago now so I really had to deliver new stuff!

As always, I dug out a lot of records that I've never recorded before and so I also used many that are totally new in my collection, too. The mix is ​​actually made of music, which is currently very inspiring to me.


Electronic music such as some classic (deep) house or some heavy techno loops, ambient and some oldschool hip-hop samples often have something very hypnotic and somehow you back and forth until it puts you in a trance-like condition. You concentrate, you are isolated, somehow far away and still focused. You’re just totally caught by the moment and entirely in your element. You can feel this while actively listening to the music and also when passive listening and doing something else. I can design and draw amazingly well with this kind of music. I don’t have much lyrics to deviate me and I can assimilate and interpret the sound quite personally. That’s given me a lot lately, especially since it was an enormous satisfaction to deejay after another long time, just totally relaxing in the living room. — Using vinyl again!





As usual, the session is a relatively spontaneous one-take.

I roughly know what I want to play. Where the whole thing is supposed to go, how it evolves and how long it will run, is mostly very individual and depends on the situation. This means, of course, that there may appear some incidents in these mixtapes but I guess that’s okay. Imperfection is sometimes okay. It’s somehow honest and I also want these mixtapes to be some kind of unfiltered remembrance. A little flashback to musically enjoyable entertainment, good or important moments. They are not always perfect. — Especially not if you record your mixtape at home in an incredibly hot summer, wet sweat, between three cats. But that’s… real.


I like to keep it real.


Self-evident there are some jewels included again, where I could possibly lose an extra word for.



Prince of Denmark – 8

The first productions of the album could be heard long before the release in some promo mixtapes of

Traumpinz aka Prince of Denmark aka DJ Metatron. Planet Uterus is my absolute favorite, even if every single track is something very special — talking in the most positive sense.

That awesome piece of black gold is very limited as every Giegling release and is sold on Discogs for between 250 and 500 euros. The fact that the LP is the last POD production ever increases considerably the already relatively high value of a limited Giegling 12-inch.



Efdemin – America





Павел Миляков - Ялта




So after I had calmly listened to the releases, I finally had to play a Road Hog track — East overlook — then.


Lifesaver Compilation 3

The third Lifesaver compilation of the Frankfurt-Offenbach Robert Johnson crew has recently been released. I own them all and I’m also generally a big fan of the sound of the label. Of course I had to give the new edition a try in this session.


I’m a huge Minilogue fan. But I actually just started dealing with them when they released there Animals LP on Cocoon. At that time Sven Väth's Cocoon imprint was still one of the most distinctive labels for me.

The swedish duo has a great feeling for dreamy sound and go far beyond the 4-2-the-floor-style. Animals also consists of breakbeats and ambient passages. Partially, the Minilogue sound has something from Brian Eno.

Marcus Henriksson and Sebastian Mullaert have unfortunately quit the Minilogue project two or three years ago. Very sad.

Anyway, I did not listen to the LP for a long time and it was kind of nice to play the record and realize that I still consider it as good as it was back in the days. This is not just a matter of course, you are always developing musically, and you are often wondering what crap you used to listen to back then.




At least as long as I know Minilogue, I am listening to the music of Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann. But acutally I don’t pursue them as much as I used to because they have almost solely peaktime gigs due to their persistent hypes, which often only run for 1 or 2 hours.

I really like their Berghain sets in the morning, which run for at least 4 hours. At a time when the audience is very open-minded to new and different sound, for more interesting variations. When they really dare to do something crazy, something experimental and not just punch that 4-2-the-floor-techno right in your face. These moments when they really prove how great their musical taste is, how wide their musical range is and what a great sensitivity they have for music in general.

Etapp Kyle – KW 10

Ben Klock's label has also raised some interesting artists for me recently.



Mono Junk – Channel B



The Zenker Brothers are on a straight rising course with their Illian Tape imprint for quite some time now.

At a time when I had never heard of Marco Zenker, and Dario had not yet arrived, where his musical productions are today, I have already pursued him very interested. His Belfort single under the Vakant Limited series was really nice. Not long after its publication I moved from Düsseldorf to Munich and worked at the Harry Klein club for a short time, where he was part of the resident team.

We just lost sight I left the Harry Klein crew but the Zenkers were just at the beginning of getting bigger and bigger with their Illian Tape crew and toured a lot around the world. The two bavarians put a lot of effort and passion into their label.

Zenker Brothers – Immersion



Although every single track would deserve to be played a lot, I always end up playing Black Ice.

Smallpeople – Black Ice EP



However, I guess these were more than enough words about music again. The best way to experience the sound is by simply listening to it. Press play. I hope you enjoy it again as much as I did!





Full tracklisting:


Prince of Denmark – Ambient 004

S. Moreira – That was just a dream (Indi Zone remix)

Herr Koreander – Klauds

Art Alfie – Aah hej då rå

Octo Octa – Dresses

DJ Sotofett – Øl på ibiza

SW. – Extended mix 33

Linkwood – System

Frank & Tony feat. DJ Sprinkles – Companion

Pavel Milyakov  – Silent elektro

Efdemin – America

Unbalance – Freedom

Post Scriptum – Donbelief

Kornél Kovács – Szív utca

Levon Vincent – Novel Sound 12 (A2)

Iron Curtis – Maple

D-IX – Hugo

Christopher Rau – Broke

Taron Trekka – Segelboot

Half Hawaii – Bring back the love

Road Hog – East overlook

Joris Voorn – Deep side of the moog

Youandewan – Something keeps me real quiet

Roy of the Ravers – Emotinium

Peverelist  – Slice of Life

Steffi – Everyday objects

Nikola Gala – Only (Ryan Elliott remix)

Etapp Kyle – Aurora

Developer – In pure form 18

Chris Mitchell – Drum trax

Benjamin Milz – Electric current

Andras – Hard working man

Dennis Ferrer feat. Tyrone Ellis – Underground is my home

Matthias Tanzmann – Tamarind

Kettenkarussell – Walk with me

Rhythm & sound – Never tell you

Willow – Workshop 23 (B2)

Minilogue  – Seconds (Colour & sound)

Lawrence  – Ava

Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock – The world tonight

Prince of Denmark – Planet uterus

Mono Junk – Channel b

Private Press – Untitled I

Emmanuel – Come closer

DVS1 – Black russian

Zenker Brothers – Cornel 21

Wax – 10001 (B side)

DJ Sports – Ascension

Omar-S – Over you too

Smallpeople – Black ice

D5 – Sides of space

Gilb'R & Bradock – Versatile

Dreamcast & Sasac – Liquid deep